Create a new Token

The Token system is fairly flexible.

This procedure outlines how to add a new token for a field in the core booking tables, requests, resources, services, categories and config.

Dynamic items; UDFs, Extras and Seats are tokenized using the screen labels. See ABPro User's Guide section 'Controls Panel | Configuration | Messages'


To add a new token you need to use phpMyAdmin or some other database access tool to access the ABPro table `jos_sv_apptpro3_tokens` (the jos_ may be different on your site depending on how your set you table prefix)



The `jos_sv_apptpro3_requests` table, the main booking table, has a field called 'manual_payment_collected'.

To create a new token for that field you would add a new row to the `jos_sv_apptpro3_tokens` like this..

Use phpMyAdmin or some similar tool to access your Joomla database directly.

Add a new row to the table `jos_sv_apptpro3_tokens`.

The new row values should be..

token_text = the text to be placed in your message that will be replaced by the data in the manual_payment_collected field.
Lets say we want our new token called "[manual_payment_collected]", set the token_text of the new row as [manual_payment_collected]

db_field = enter the table field you want to get the data from , in our case: manual_payment_collected

db_table = the table to look in, here you enter one of :

  • requests
  • resources
  • services
  • categories
  • config
  • users
Notice you do not enter a real table name, just the logical name from the list.

You can enter a description if you like.


Note: This table is created as part of the ABPro install and will be overwritten when you upgrade ABPro.