Dealing with the date mismatch issue

Symptom: Date on the GAD or Wizard booking screens do not match with the date when a timeslot is clicked on.


This first showed on GMT+1 sites but now appears to be a php version 5.3.x issue.



ABPro originally used pure php, rather than Joomla functions, whenever possible. 

When J1.6 came out there was a bug in the JDate function that some team members did not view as a bug as it only effected developers using pure php. As it appeared they were not going to fix it (they later did) I made extensive modifications to ABPro to work around this bug.

The end result was ABPro using a mixture of JDate and pure php date() functions.

Recently problems have started shoing up where the date on the GAD grid did not match the selected timeslot date.

At first it seemed only to be GMT+1 sites seeing this. I made a modified version of gad_ajax.php that went back to pure php and that solved the problem.


Today I installed ABPro on a new server running php 5.3.8 and the problem showed with GMT-7.


Bottom line is there appears to be some issues with php 5.3.x and dates. Until things get worked out I can offer no one-size-fits-all solution. 


Most sites will have no problem with ABPro out-of-the-box.

If you are seeing the date mismatch you should download the zip below, unzip and ftp the altered gad_ajax.php file to replace the one that came with ABPro.



The above was built/tested from/with ABPro 2.0.3 and may not work with previous versions of ABPro.



As of ABPro 2.0.3 beta 7 (May 20/21) the modified gad_ajax.php file (above) is now the default.
There are now 2 gad_ajax.php files supplied:

  • 'gad_ajax_org.php' - the original using a combination of php Date and Joomla JDate
  • 'gad_ajax_utc1.php - uses pure php (now the default so it is also called gad_ajax.php)