ABPro on a WordPress site

Here's how to setup ABPro on a WordPress site.

NOTE: My WordPress site got hacked and since I know next to nothing about WP I just deleted the entire site so I have no demo anymore.


Joomla part

Install a Joomla instance in a subdirectory of your WP site.

Install ABPro on your Joomla instance.

Create a Joomla menu to call the booking screen you want to use.

Test this menu call and note the URL that Joomla created, you will use that URL in the iFrame setup below.


WordPress part

Install/activate the WP plugin Advanced iFrame (it's free)

In the setup screen for Advanced iFrame set the URL to your ABPro Joomla with an ending of ?tmpl=component

For example of you installed into a subdirectory called /joomla and your link to access the Wizard booking screen might look like..

http://[your domain]/joomla/index.php/abpro-wizard?tmpl=component


Staff Area part

Staff use the Joomla front end admin screens to do day-to-day work.

You can use the WP plugin Page Links To to create a WP 'page' that opens the Joomla home page where they can login and access the ABPro Front Desk and/or Admin and/or Advanced Admin.